Test new ticket sales

Dinner ticket and raffle ticket example
Order your tickets for the March 2018 Norco Sportsmen Dinner
$25 a ticket
$20 donation for 5-pack of raffle tickets

Free ticket for kitchen committee, no code needed

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T-shirt example
$15, order your size of S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Free GOAL hat, no code needed

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Membership renewal example
Membership renewal letter indicates your 2017 work hours and 2018 renewal amount
$60 for >15 hours ; discounted ticket needs a code (2018thanks)
$150 for <15 hours

$5 for Junior

$5 for Social

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Norco landing page for all active events listed on Eventzilla


Test button picture to go to Eventzilla Ticket page and open in a new tab…for T-Shirts

Instead of using Eventzilla embed “order now” button, use clipart, hyperlink to site with open in new tab



another hyperlinked button for T-shirts