Rifle and Pistol Range Committee Meeting March 11th 12Noon

March 11th, 2017 12 Noon meeting time and date

The Committee meeting will be held at the Norco Club, second floor. Following are the planned meeting agenda topics:

– elect new leadership – looking for a chair and vice-chair

– review the 2017 work projects, priorities, and agree on work project dates including the biannual clean-up day activities for the pistol and rifle range

– review the recommendations for the Norco ranges, from the 2016 GOAL seminar range experts who did a comprehensive range walk

– review and update the range rules, if needed

– establish sub-committees/work details with punch lists and materials required for a project

– schedule a series of quarterly meetings

– prepare and deliver periodic committee progress reports at the monthly business meetings

– discuss shooting programs

If you are interested in a chair/vice-chair leadership position but can’t make the meeting, send me an email.

See you all on the 11th,

Tom Maestas

Acting Rifle and Pistol Committee Chair

Norco Sportsman’s Club