Norco Tractor

The page is organized into sections for the Norco tractor and its implements, followed by club operator information. List of equipment, links and manuals to the equipment, followed by operator information.

The club tractor is John Deere 3032e outfitted with a D160 Front End Loader (FEL) with skid steer quick-attach option, rear 3 point hitch and rear PTO, and with the FEL a 3rd function valve.

Equipment list includes:

  • John Deere 3032e tractor with 2 speed hydrastatic transmission, no cab/ROPs, R4 industrial tires, rear tires filled with ballast, brush guard
  • John Deere D160 FEL with both JD quick attach (JDQA) and Skid Steer Quick Attach (SSQA)
  • HLA SSQA 60″ bucket with bolt-on edge and hooks
  • HLA SSQA 72″ bucket with Titan toothbar and hooks
  • Titan SSQA 48″ pallet forks with brick guard
  • Fassee 3rd function valve for FEL attachments, control on joystick
  • John Deere/Frontier 60″ rear blade , 3 point attach
  • Woods Heritage RC 48″ light duty brush cutter (1-2 ” thick material) , 3 point attach and PTO
  • Lands Pride 60″ finish mower, 3 point attach and PTO (max HP 40)
  • York RS 60″ landscape rake with scarifier and level blade, 3 point attach
  • 600 lb ballast box, 3 point attach
  • 200 lb homemade ballast made of steel tractor implement block, 3 point attach
  • loggers receiver hitch for chains and trailer hitch, 3 point attach
  • heavy lifting and dragging metal chain , 3/8″ grade 70 ;
  • heavy duty brush/log cinching/dragging metal chain, 3/8″ grade 70
  • pair of 2000 lb lifting straps , use with pallet forks
  • clevis hook and pin for rear draw bar
  • clevis-pin combo 3-size ball hitch and hook for loggers receivers hitch
  • 5 x 5 gallon yellow diesel fuel containers , use road grade diesel only (no home heating oil)
  • grease gun, battery tender, screened funnels, filter wrench, etc.

Tractor manuals, specifications, brochures, etc

Operator Reference Materials

skill and knowledge checklists

driving and implement hookup skills