Norco Scope/Red-dot Mounting Workshop – one a month – July thru August

The workshop goal is to apply effective techniques that eliminate the need for specialized scope/red dot mounting and tuning skills. Participants having a scope/red dot to be installed in the workshop will leave with the scope/red dot correctly installed and tuned, and eventually sighted-in. Throughout the workshop, there will be an exchange of knowledge, a complete understanding of the tools and techniques.   Workshop is led by Norco Member Gabriel Popescu.
Workshop can be participated in, in one of two ways; please specify at time of RSVP.
– observe a demo of an optic being mounted; (or observe another participant’s optic being mounted)
– have your own firearm and optic mounted.  Participants need to bring their own hardware which includes rifle, scope, scope mounts, with technical information including torque specifications. When RSVPing, please indicate as much info as possible about your firearm, scope/red dot, optic mount hardware, and whether you will have your own tools
For a given session date, must RSVP a seat no later the Thursday before the workshop day. 
     e.g. for July 14th, need to RSVP by July 11th.
If there are no RSVPs for a given date, then the workshop will be canceled for that day.
To rsvp, email , or txt/email 508-631-8883
Workshop leader will provide one set of tools; if you have your own tools, bring them.
Set of tools includes torque screwdriver with the right screwdriver bits, gun vise,  mounting and tuning equipment,  limited    quantities of Vibra-TITE VC-3 Threadmate.  Workshop leader has limited supplies of scope and mounts screws and a few other hardware items. While we can try using legacy equipment, we need to acknowledge some limitations of the tools and equipment.  (Workshop leader is not prepared to do scope ring lapping. If a participant has the equipment and if there is a need for lapping, we can cover that topic as well.)
Workshop runs from 10am-2pm; water and coffee provided.
10-12/1 in the clubhouse, 12/1-2 on the range
  • Sunday July, 14th,
  • Saturday August, 17th,
  • Sunday September, 15th,
  • Saturday October, 12th
To learn more about what will be covered in the workshop , watch this 3 part video on scope mounting, tools, hardware, how-to