Worcester County League 2017 “Young Gun” Youth Trap Competition


2017 Final Program Brochure
2017 Results for Norco Qualifier
  • Liam Dearden shot 20, 18, 19 ; advances to the August 13th finals


Overview Information for Norco Qualifier Round:
  • Youth trap shoot program open to members and non-members between the ages of 12 and 17 years of age (age 18 cutoff is July 23rd 1999)
  • No fee to enter the program, though signed entry forms required; download form from web or pickup at Norco Trap House
  • Youth will shoot up to 3 rounds (25 clays per round, singles – 1 shot per clay); best score submitted
  • Ties among the top 3 shooters will be broken with run-off round(s)
  •  Ammo rounds at the expense of the shooter
  • Norco will provide 1 complimentary round of clays and tie-breaker-round-off clays; shooters wanting to shoot a second/third round is at the shooter’s expense; Norco youth clay fee is $2/25 round
  • Norco Qualifier Round will be held on July 22nd, 9am-1pm ; raindate is July 29th
  • Norco trap range hours available to practice at one’s own expense: Monday, 6.00-9.30 PM, Thursday, 6.00-9.30 PM, Saturday 1.00-4.00 PM
  • Norco experienced shooters available to mentor competitors on Saturdays and Mondays June 3rd to July 17th
  • Norco range rules to be followed
  • Shooters are permitted to shoot at 2 other Young Guns Program participating clubs in their scheduled dates, if the shooter shoots only 1 round at Norco; max of 3 rounds can be shot
  • Shooters desiring to shoot more than one round on the qualifying day will shoot their second/third round after all shooters have shot their first round
  • Food and beverage will be available for a nominal fee
  • Loaner guns available on Qualifier Day should a shooter’s gun malfunction during the competition
  • Competitors should practice as often as possible prior to the Qualifier and seek a mentor’s tips on improving form and technique
  • Competitors need to provide all their own gear including shotgun, eye protection, and ear protection
  • Competitors need to demonstrate safe gun handling prior to being able to participate in the Qualifier Round
  • Event Raffle Tickets available for purchase at Trap House and Club Bar prior to August 13th Finalist Round
Program Forms and Flyers

 Please print out, fill out for both the parent and the youth shooter. Send via email to: youth-trap@norco.club

Competition Schedule

July 22nd, 9am-1pm, Norco Sportsman’s Club Competition for those registered for Norco trap Range  ; raindate July 29th

August 13th, 1pm-5pm, Finals , Nimrod League of Holden, 168 Coal Kiln Road, Princeton, MA

Refer to Worcester County League website for other clubs and dates leading up to the final match

As of 5/30/2017, these clubs are participating:

  • Auburn Sportsmans Club , June 10th , 10AM-2PM
  • Leicester Rod and Gun, June 17th, 10AM-2PM
  • Nimrod Sportsmans Club, June 21st, 5PM – 8PM
  • Fitchburg Sportsmans Club, June 27th, 5PM-8PM
  • North Worcester Fox and Coon Club, July 15th, 1PM-5PM
  • Rutland Sportsmans Club, July 16th, 12PM to 4PM
  • Norco Sportsmans Club, July 22nd, 9AM-1PM 
  • Leominster Sportsmans Association, July 22nd, 1PM to 4PM
  • North Brookfield Sportsman Club, July 23rd, 9AM to 1PM
  • Spencer Fish and Game, July 30th, 12N to 3PM

Prizes for “Young Gun” Finalists

First Place Gift Card: Stoeger Condor Field Over & Under Shotgun , 12Ga/20Ga

Second Place Gift Card: Champion WheelyBird  Trap Thrower

Third Place Gift Card: Trap Shooting Vest and $50 Trap Shooting Supplies

Prizes for “Young Gun” Raffle Winners ; Drawing on August 13th at Trap Finals ; Tickets $5/ea ; 5 for $20 Purchase tickets in Norco Clubhouse Bar and Trap House

First: S&W M&P 9MM Semi-auto handgun , Retail Value est $500.00

Second: 1 Year Indoor Range Membership at The Gun Parlor , Retail Value est $375.00

Third: 2 Cases Estate Shot Shells, 12 Gauge 2 3/4″, #9 Shot , 500 shells, Retail Value est $130.00