Norco Volunteer Hours Timecard

Norco Members who Volunteer often can reduce their yearly membership fee by volunteering to make Norco the great place it is.

The current policy is as follows:

15 hours of work is required (6 hours maximum from meeting attendance) in the “current year” to keep your “next year” dues at $60.
Without the 15 hours (or more) your dues will be $150 for the “next year”.

Please contact or for a list of special seasonal projects

All special events in the calendar look for volunteers

Questions about your time-card hours, year-to-date tally, email

To submit your time-cards there are 3 options:

1) Visit the clubhouse during open hours, ask for a time-card, fill it out, add your name, and leave it 

2) Print out a time-card, fill it out, drop it off at the clubhouse during open hours or mail it in (see time-card form for address) 

3) Fill out the online time-card form as follows below and submit. If more than 5 projects, return to this web-page and fill out a new/blank form

MM/DD/YYYY , e.g 07/23/2017
Enter the project or activity ; also, if organized by a volunteer, who is the lead volunteer
Enter the number of hours, round up/down