Norco Volunteer Hours Timecard

Norco Members who Volunteer often can reduce their yearly membership fee by volunteering to make Norco the great place it is.

The current policy is as follows:

15 hours of work is required (6 hours maximum from meeting attendance) in the “current year” to keep your “next year” dues at $60.
Without the 15 hours (or more) your dues will be $150 for the “next year”.

       If you are a new member in the current year, based on your join month, you may have less than 15 hours to complete. Please refer  to the club’s work hour policy

Please contact if you need projects to volunteer for. Please watch both the electronic newsletter and the WCL paper Norco section for listings of volunteer projects.

Also, all special events in the calendar look for volunteers in addition to the scheduled clean-up days.

Questions about your time-card hours, year-to-date tally, email

To submit your time-cards there are these options:

1)  If working on a project with a project lead, the lead should capture your name or ask participants to fill in their name on the card, and also mark the hours.

        These two options apply more for doing work by yourself:

2) Visit the clubhouse during open hours, ask for a time-card, fill it out, add your name, and leave it 

3)  Email the with the project name, date, your name, the number hours, and a short description of your effort.  If you incurred pre-approved expenses, submit those to the club treasurer, e.g. fuel, paint, etc.