Work Credit Hours Policy

Norco Work Credit Hours Policy
15 or more hours of work is required in a given year to earn a discount of $90  to be applied for the next year dues.
Dues renewal is $170 before discounts or life-time membership status is applied.
Without the 15 hours (or more) your dues will be $170 for the following year.
With 15 hours (or more) your dues will be $80 for the following year.
(* note that Norco across the board dues increase in 2023 was $20 , e.g. $150–>$170)
You can earn 6 of the 15 hours by attending the monthly business meetings, 1 hour for each meeting.
Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month, starting at 7:30PM.
Club leaders and active volunteers would like to see members at all the meetings through-out the year.
Please see table below for new members joining late in the year, for pro-rated hours required to earn discount.
This renewal policy applies only to new members for their first calendar year.
Please contact President if you are looking for hours outside of the regular call for volunteers for events and clean-up days.
For committee chairs or work-party organizers, work-credit time cards in clubhouse to be filled-out for the work/project team.
If you have questions about how many work hours you have accumulated, email
Pro-rated hours for new members who join late in the calendar year.
*** Note the table will be updated in the future, to reflect the dues increase. $150 should now be $170. $60 should now be $80.