Norco Cleanup Day and Metal Recycle Day

Thanks for the volunteers who came out, lighter crew than expected, however, everyone hustled all day long. Volunteers included Rudy, Tommy, Neil, Jared, Paul C.,  Ed S., Ed B., Len P., Mike R., Barbara, and Wayne

Items in strikeout text (strikeout) have been completed; the rest still needs to be tackled, reach out to Wayne for work on your own time.

Punch List of Work 

Inside Clubhouse

  • clean mens room 1st floor, all cobwebs, fixtures, mop floor , wipe down walls
  • clean womens room 1st floor, all cobwebs, fixtures, mop floor, wipe down walls
  • clean rest room 2nd floor, all cobwebs, fixtures, mop floor, wipe down walls
  • empty kitchen grease trap, work with Wayne or Bill
  • add 1st floor mens room indoor door jamb wood and stain it
  • clean chairs with goo be gone, 1st floor cafe chairs by pool table
  • sweep/mop 1st floor general area
  • clean air filters 1st floor AC x 2 units ; operate and verify they are cooling
  • clean air filters, drain channels , 2nd floor AC x 3 units; operate and verify they are cooling
  • 2nd floor, remove tape residue from tables; remove tape residue from floor, from doors 
  • fix 2nd floor chair leg protectors where missing
  • store forestry personal safety gear – two storage containers from 2nd floor
  • discard or store useful cardboard boxes on 2nd floor coatrack
  • purchase/replace entrance mats for both 1st and 2nd floor
  • store fishing derby prizes in office
  • store extra coffee pot on first floor

Outside Clubhouse

  • clean gutters
  • replace men’s door outdoor damaged jamb
  • repair seat for picnic table
  • bring back from fish pond 3 picnic tables to patio; bring back grill from fishing area
  • repaint section of 1st floor door with white spray paint
  • remove all sand from grass due to plowing on both parking levels, patio, etc
  • remove sand from patio
  • clean out bus stop, water hose, tape residue
  • store winter shovels in garage (1st and 2nd floor)
  • store winter salt containers near the garage (1st and 2nd floor)
  • arrange for soda can bag pickup, by the garage
  • move stainless BBQ smoker from 2nd floor to the BBQ pit pavilion
  • caulk soil stack and a few nail heads on club roof and oil tank roof

Archery Related

  •  rebuild lawn target with club materials, straps, lumber, screws

Grounds around the Clubhouse

  • weedwhack around the clubhouse building, bus stop, and bbq pavilion
  • clean all leaves off the lawn; entrance before and after gate, along treeline, along rock walls
  • retrieve and place all snowplow markers in garage
  • remove fallen trees on club lawn
  • cut down sumac saplings behind bbq pit/pavilion
  • remove/blow leaves along stone walls, club entrance, etc
  • remove fallen tree by trailer doors, chainsaw
  • cut back back, trees, shrubs on two cart paths from the parking lot to the pheasant field
  • cut firewood, split firewood, stack firewood into bus stop
  • be a set of helping hands for metal recycle drop-off
  • setup patio umbrellas, stored in garage
  • replace main gate cable with rubber coated chain
  • cut grass
  • clean out BBQ pit pavilion

Projects at other locations at the club

  • install lockable switch plate cover at rifle range
  • install new LED garage lights
  • clean garage of mud and leaves
  • cut 60 ft pine tree into sections, on logging trail leading to beaver pond
  • loosen brush mower stuck blade (see wayne for tools)
  • grease tractor front end loader, chassis, rear pto lower arms
  • grease tractor finish mower, attach and cut grass
  • replace florescent lights in garage with LED lights and screw in sockets
  • gravel and drain pipe for rifle range parking lot