Norco 2018 – Club Organized Fishing Trip Survey

Please take the Norco Fishing Trip Survey to help Norco decide whether to organize none, one, or more fishing trips based on membership interest.   

Once you start the survey, there are a few questions that must be answered….Norco values your input.


The survey is being taken now in the winter, so if ocean quotas are good and interest is good, we can quickly secure a Spring charter with confidence on the day we want….instead of trying to build interest in the spring time for a spring trip  and miss the spring opportunity.  Taking the survey does not obligate one to sign-up, though by taking the survey, we desire the interest is high you may sign-up based on one’s availability and personal budget.  We want to avoid the risk of securing a chartered bus and a chartered boat based on survey results, and then if no-one signs up the club is responsible for cancellation charges.  Before taking the survey, please look over budgetary  further down in this posting.


Some Norco trip background: in the past years, when cod and other ocean ground-fish were plentiful, Norco had an annual deep-sea private charter outing in April.  Since certain species have been regulated to rebuild the stock — limiting a catch to none or one per day,  club interest had disappeared.  In inquiring about current charter fees for 2018, a charter boat company had stated 2017 was an outstanding year for Haddock…regulation permitted 12 fish per person per day, while Cod on the North Shore was one and then no fish per day.  The boat captain stated they had filled haddock quotas in the spring and late summer frequently.  Click here to reference MA 2017 ocean catch regulations


Specific to a deep sea fishing trip- until  fish catch regulations are posted sometime in February 2018  – Norco nor a charter boat can not make a prediction whether Haddock will have a large catch quota again (like 2017) and whether the Cod quota will be increased.

To put preliminary planning in place the survey will ask your interest for the following:

  • spring or late summer 1 day deep sea fishing off the North Shore (e.g. Gloucester) (for haddock, cod, etc…)
  • spring or fall weekend, small group, charter fishing Lake Ontario, upstate NY (for trout/salmon)
  • if you would be inviting guests (family member, fishing buddy not taking this survey, etc…) – how many
  • a write-in section for other trip plans to consider, e.g. deep sea for Tuna; depart out of South Shore instead of North Shore

If there is no interest or limited interest, Norco will assume those interested will figure out their personal plans and plan accordingly on their own

If there is adequate Norco interest for organized trip(s), Norco will seek a volunteer(s) to help in the planning details, tightening up the cost of the trip, and organize those trips


For personal budget planning when completing this survey the following budgetary estimates (some that may be slightly higher than actual cost) and the following websites give more insight on the experience. The specific vendor selected for a Norco trip may be different than the example listed below should a trip be organized…all depends on club member preference, experiences, prices, and charter service availability:

Deep sea fishing, charter bus, 7am-4pm on the water, up to 2 hours boating to/from grounds, looking for 40 people. $65 for fishing, $100 for round-trip on charter bus, plus what food you bring or buy ; bus pickup 2.5 hours before start of trip

Deep sea fishing, same as above, except 5am-5pm on the water, upto 3 hours boating to/from grounds, 40 people, $105 for fishing, $100 for RT charter bus, bus pickup 2.5 hours before start of trip  

   * additional per person discounts may apply based on age or service

Lake Ontario weekend, 2 days of fishing, 2 nights of lodging, 4 people.   $250-300 pp for 2 days, 8 hours each day, plus lodging (shared room vs individual room), plus carpooling costs, plus meals