Spring Youth Turkey Hunt – 2 Toms Harvested

The Norco hosed MA Youth Turkey Education Program part two was the state dedicated day for youth hunter Saturday April 28, 2018, whereby adult mentors took their youth hunter to their secret hunting grounds to call-in a turkey.  Two youth hunters harvested a tom, everyone had a good outing and are very appreciative of the program, of their sponsor/mentor, learning new places to hunt and safe hunting practices.   The following pictures relive the day – revealing the program participants, the fun and excitement to harvest a turkey, and overall appreciation for the program.   Program participants convened at the Norco Clubhouse after hunting hours closed, to share their hunt story over a burger and hot-dog.  Regular spring turkey hunting season is now open, as of April 30th. Thanks to Duffy Lanciani and the team of Norco volunteer members to make this year’s program successful.

Class photos from the training day earlier in April follow