Norco Hosted Youth Taxidermy Class – Students Confident to Tackle New Projects

Norco and WCL is thankful for Curt Devillers to share his taxidermy expertise and encourage hunters to take up the skill for a career.  There were 18 students in two class groups. Norco thanks the pheasant hunters at Norco and Nimrod for donating attractive roosters for students who did not bag one this season.  One of the students who completed the program last year returned to work on a wood duck and a canadian goose …. someone might get the bug for a career.

Following are many pictures that represents students going through the entire process of preparing and processing a pheasant to be mounted. This is only a fraction of the pictures taken.  If there is interest in seeing more, email Wayne Adams  or visit URL:

Everyone expressed deep gratitude to Curt for leading them through the learning experience.  The many smiles the students have for their finished bird says it all. We are looking to bring online a youth deer head taxidermy class, if interested, email 

A small note of thanks to Bob Berube for providing nice rustic board wood for the bird wall mounts.