Updates for Norco 3/18 Sportsman Dinner – Donations, Volunteers, and Tickets

10 lbs past season pheasant is still be requested to round out the menu, other game and fish can be discussed with Jack.


Tickets are now on sale at the Norco Club Bar for $25, see Ruthie, for the Sportsman’s dinner on Saturday, March 18.  

Volunteering is an opportunity to earn work hours for 2018 dues.

3 volunteers are needed for setup
3 volunteers are needed for clean-up
Please call Jack Novia at 508.353-6254 or Bruce Ebbeson at 508.853.1589  or email gamedinner@norco.club
Menu is coming together as follows, more details and recipes to be posted at a later time
venison and moose sausage; venison chili
lasagna, beef, chicken, turkey, pheasant
fish chowder, jambalaya