Pepper Spray Self-Defense Class Wednesday Evening, March 22nd

Pepper Spray Self Defense Class


The 3 hour class will be held Wednesday evening, 6-9 PM, March 22nd, at the Norco Clubhouse, second floor.

The cost of the class is $50 for Norco Members and $65 for non-members. Check or cash are accepted, no credit/debit cards.

The maximum number of students is 12. Course is for both women and men,

The instructor is Alan Herget, a safety and self-defense instructor for 30 years. Alan is a former police officer and currently serves in a security department of a state organization. Alan is a certified self-defense instructor through the nationally recognized company SABRE.

Students: no pre-req knowledge is required

Students should wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Student training includes practicing the taught physical self-defense maneuvers.

Bring your own water, coffee, or soda.

For more details, to register, and discuss payment –  email Alan at  with your name, email,  phone number, class name, and date

Course description

This Course Integrates Awareness, strategies for avoiding dangerous encounters, and if necessary, tactics for dealing with them. This program is based on many of the same training principles used in Sabre’s time and field tested pepper spray course for law enforcement officers. The classroom and hands on training are conducted in a non-threatening atmosphere by professional instructors. Methods of checking for threats, moving to safety, reasonable use of force for self-defense, and proper physical techniques are all covered. All materials provided.