Military Veteran Dick Fontaine Honored at NRA Banquet

At the September 2017 Central MA Friends of NRA annual banquet, Norco had 2 tables of representatives attending the fundraiser event. As part of the evening, special commemorative NRA packages and items were auctioned off.  The last auction item of the evening was the Veterans Tribute which featured a NRA Dinner Bell and the Honor of Presenting the Pledge of Allegiance Plaque to the Eldest Veteran in attendance.  Though there were many veterans present and all recognized for their service to our country to protect our freedoms including the Second Amendment, Dick was identified as the Eldest Veteran in attendance, at a spry age of 80 born before WWII.  Bob Hager was determined to have a Norco member win the bid, so bidding heated up and the wallets opened to benefit the NRA. Here Bob proudly presents Dick with the craftsman carved Pledge of Allegiance Plaque.  [click on the picture below]