Gun Shot Trauma Kits Now at the Norco Trap and Rifle/Pistol Ranges

Norco  Gun Shot Wound Trauma (GSW) Kits now at the trap and rifle/pistol ranges

The trap range kit is in the desk, top right drawer.  The trap house is open M 6-9PM, Thursday (6-9PM), and Saturday (1-4PM), and special programs such as Youth Pheasant Hunting.

The rifle/pistol range kit is in the pond shed hanging on a hook just above the wall mounted first aid kit. Everyone that is a member has a key to the gate; the same key opens the pond shed lock.

Incidents during hunting season and during the off-hours of the trap range should use the Pond House kit.

Each kit includes a tourniquet, chest seals, and blood clotting bandages, along with other essential items to remove clothing, protect against blood pathogens, and prevent shock due to heat loss. See image below for a conplete list.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use a GSW kit, then enroll in a class. The next class at Norco is Feb 10th, 2018

The range committee continues to work  on safety and sound related projects. The safety courses and GSW kits are part of the ongoing safety upgrades at the range.

Anyone interested in getting their own personal kit, the same as the Norco kit, visit this Dark Angel Medical weblink: 

For awareness of medical kits at Norco. There are first aid kits at the trap house, the pond shed, and the club house.  There is an AED in the clubhouse mens bathroom that is accessible when the club is closed with one’s gate key from the outside of the building. Signs at the ranges include medical protocol to follow should emergency services need to be called.