Norco hosted the Second Safety Class for First Aid/CPR/AED and Gunshot Wound Management

On February 10th, Norco hosted a class for 12 students to obtain 2 year certifications for First Aid/CPR/AED, Gunshot Wound Management, and Blood  Pathologens.  The instructor Scott Goldstein, a high-energy Fire Dept Chief and trainer from Baltimore County Fire and Medical Training Inc, provided a full day of practical training that focused on muscle memory through immediate hands-on practicing of the proper techniques for CPR, using an AED, triaging wound types,  learning to use several different types of tourniquets and bandages, and how to improvise a wound treatment with what you have  on-hand.  Seth Goldstein, assisted with the Class and is a firefighter.  The students came from nearby sporting clubs including Norco, Leominster,  Nenameseck (Palmer), and Worcester Pistol Rifle Club and 2 area RNs.

The class included first responder practical scenarios, best told through the photos from the day, including gunshot wound to the chest, gut knife wound, loss of fingers and damaged limbs, extensive gunpowder burns while reloading, accidental arrow shooting to the torso, and an attempted self-injury with a fire-arm.  First responders had to secure the scene, notify emergency services, and begin treatment.

One outcome of the day will be the range committees improving the first kits we have on hand at the club ranges to include IFAKs to address gunshot wound management….and more members to be trained to use the GSW IFAKs and the AED.

All students had a great day and are better prepared to help others in need. 

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