Norco Cleanup Day Thanks

The Norco Leadership thanks the 25 Norco volunteers for coming out on May 5th for the annual spring cleanup day.  A lot was done this year including clearing out saplings under power lines, kitchen scrub-down, all shooting ranges freshened-up, general grounds cleanup, remove the scars of the past winter, and getting the picnic tables ready for the spring/summer/fall months of outdoor activities.  The May 12th Norco range activities went well due to the hard efforts on May 5th. Also, special thanks for those bringing in tractors (Chris, Bob, Glenn) and chain saws (Fred, Charlie, John).

If anyone has pictures for the day, their name is misspelled, or is missing from the list, please send email to

  • Pete Abramson
    Barb Adams
    Wayne Adams
    Bob Berube Jr
    Bob Berube Sr
    Kurt Bjorkman
    Paul Caneen
    Bob Cocoran
    Rob Connolly
    Chris Conway
    Tony Davenport
    Becca Denutae
    Glen Kush
    Donna LaRocque
    Leo LaRocque
    John Lee
    Tomas Maestas
    Fred Meyer
    Charlie Oberg
    Len Pukaite
    Rudy Sax
    Larry Stoddard
    Leonard Thibault
    Jay Valiton