Norco’s Own Blue Heron Rookery and Beaver Activity

Commonly referred to as the swamp on Norco property, there is an active Blue Heron rookery and a few active beaver dams and lodges.  See the attached photo album with a aerial map.  Red lines ares open trails to the observation points. Yellow lines are the beaver dams. Yellow circle has 7 Blue Heron nests each with 1 or 2 young ones in the nest and one can also observe 3 beaver lodges.  When walking to the observation point near the yellow circle, you may hear a lot of bird chatter as you descend down the old logging trail, similar sounds are on a smaller scale if you’ve ever been to Florida to observe rookeries for egrets or spoonbills.  The posted photo album has 2 stock photos of a blue heron that you can recreate with a camera with a telephoto lens, and being quiet and patient.