MA WITO Program looking for Norco Volunteers for July 28

On July 28, Norco will be hosting the MA WITO (Women in the Outdoors)  Program, an all day event for over 30 workshops for upto 150 enrolled students.

See earlier Norco post about the program or if interested to be a student

Leaders from MA WITO are looking for volunteers and loaners.  If interested, please contact Kelly Dalbec, 

Volunteer requests can be for 1/2 day or a full day for the following:

  • rifle range safety officer(s) , should have NRA certification
  • parking for the AM, need to squeeze 100+ cars
  • replenish water in coolers at the various activity stations

Loan for the Day

  • large coolers
  • tbd shotgun, rifle, pistol, archery

Volunteers will have a complementary lunch provided.

Volunteer hours do count towards discounted membership renewal for 2019