Volunteer Opportunities Are Plentiful – Events, Project Days, and Many Work on Your Own Time

Norco has a volunteer program to earn a yearly dues discount with working/volunteering one’s time.

The club maintenance department is all of us….there is no we/them, it is all of us.

A few club officers are continually asked what can I do….by the time the entire list is read-off below, most folks shy away,

There is the yearly calendar of scheduled events,  having volunteer opportunities:

  • Food related events: monthly Thursday meetings, Kids Day, Neighborhood Breakfast, Sportsman’s Dinner, Steakout, Clambake, BBQ, Holiday parties, and Pheasant Season breakfasts : prep, serve, clean and cook.
  • Scheduled work party days Pond Cleanup Day, Spring Cleanup Day, Metal Recycle Weekend, Fall Cleanup
  • Range committee scheduled projects: rifle/pistol major repairs, archery committee setout/takein targets and range maintenance, trap and skeet Committee
  • Become a volunteer bartender, every Thursday evening and special events/rentals on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays
  • Projects and events, Kids Day, Fishing Derby 1 and 2, scout demonstrations for bushcraft/wildlife/plants/knots, Pheasant Saturdays,

There are committees doing project and seasonal work, find out who the chair is and get involved

  • Fish, trap&skeet, rifle/pistol, archery, website/newsletter, renovations and repairs, bar, kitchen

There is skilled training to attain to be involved with certain projects and equipment usage, carve out time for the training

  • Kitchen Serv-Safe, Bar TIPS certification, club tractor usage and maintenance, club ATV/mule usage and maintenance
  • We have ad-hoc plumbing electrical, carpentry work, welding ; some require licensed pros, others are just being skilled
  • Some project work requires access to equipment you may own/lease for a project – mini-excavator, larger tractors (50HP and above), backhoe, scaffolding, air-powered tools,
  • A lot of this grounds and building improvement work is tracked by the Board of Directors, since budgets are planned for the project.

If you have skills and want to demonstrate how to do something, we can organize a class and activity around this at the club

  • LTC trainer, Defensive Handgun and shotgun Training, AR-15 builds, reloading, bushcraft, flyfishing, taxidermy, pelt tanning, marksmanship, precision shooting, tree-stand safety, Based on expressed interest, you may be paired/referred to club members already involved in this activity.

There is year-round work on your own time — so, this can be appealing to those who have kids in school for mid-week/daytime work, weekends are too busy, retired with more time than ever,

  • weekly/bi-weekly clubhouse cleaning:  sweeping/mopping of floors, clean/sanitize 3 bathrooms, restock paper goods in bathrooms, etc
  • weekly range barrel emptying with club mule/ATV
  • summertime mowing for lawn and fish pond berm
  • pheasant field maintenance and sapling push-back, woody growth in the fields removed
  • cutting and splitting firewood, wood chip making
  • lawn care/leaves blown into the woods
  • club dirt road maintenance with tractor
  • rifle/pistol range brass collection, target hanger repairs, shooting bench painting
  • pond edge management, cat tail removal
  • painting and repair of buildings, picnic tables, fireplaces
  • any work not completed on a scheduled cleanup day is added to the work on your own time list.

Several nice to have projects to be done that may take a few days, skills, to carry out

  • spruce up the 2nd floor clubhouse meeting space floor with a coat of poly, paint trim ceiling to floor washing of walls
  • painting the 1st floor clubhouse floor, trim boards
  • bar top shelf lockable enclosure

Club will reimburse certifications expenses attained for kitchen and bar; club reimburses for materials for all projects and personal equipment fuel, etc. Club accepts a wide variety of materials that be used on the property including lumber, deck screws, certain building materials and supplies, etc.

Email wayne@norco.club to get involved and step up.