Norco Photos from WCL 2024 Banquet

Many members of the Norco Club were at the 2024 WCL Banquet. Attached are several photos from the evening.

Norco had 14 members at Norco tables, and Norco member at the 8Point table.

A few highlights of the night included Wayne presenting the Youth Mentor Award to Rick Merchant of Mass Trappers, which is the group that leads the Norco beaver/coyote pelt workshop, Barb Adams involuntarily volunteer to meet/greet banquet attendees upon their arrival, Wayne receiving League Sportsman’s of the Year from WCL President Steve LaRivee and Citations from Worcester County state elected legislators. Norco has a long tradition of being active in WCL as a club as well as leadership, receiving and giving awards.  A few of the Norco members this year had good luck with the raffle and auction; Norco members and club also made item donations to these important fundraisers.

The photos did not capture everyone from Norco at the banquet. Everyone in attendance included: Bill and Vicky Whiting, Chris Giglio, Kelly Dalbec, Britta and Andrew Carlson, Rudy Sax, Terry Bass, Tom MacIntosh, Matt Surabian, Bob Hager, Wayne and Barb Adams, (canceled for various personal reasons: Ken Stidsen, Charlie Folckemer, Duffy and Mary Lanciani).

WCL has posted the entire set of banquet photos here: