Norco 2023 Sportsman’s Dinner Menu

– smoked trout
– moose jerky
– pheasant wontons with asian dipping sauce;
– smoked bluefish and dip
– deep fried beaver with wing sauce ;  served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks
– jalapeno poppers with pheasant and chukkar
– fish chowder
– garden salad bar with many typical veggies, several types of bottled dressings, with optional toppings: olives, bacon, croutons, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, etc
– cheese/cracker platter; several types of cheeses (cheddar, aged provolone, pepper jack, swiss, brie, smoked gouda, etc) ; several cracker types; pepperoni, hummus
Main Course: (** – non-game entree)
– Brined Moose Ham ; sauce for moose ham ; maple/honey/brown sugar mix
– Charcoal Grilled Game sausage mix: pheasant, venison, moose, beaver ; served with fried onions; mushrooms; peppers
– ** Charcoal Grilled traditional sausage mix: hot and sweet italian sausage (pork); store bought sausages
– Oven baked lasagna with venison and moose meat mix
– ** Oven baked lasagna with beef/meatball mix,
– Teriyaki stir fry with moose and pheasant, asian style veggies
– ** Teriyaki stir fry with chicken and beef, asian style veggies
Sides for the Main Course
– roasted, seasoned, potatoes
from scratch cheddar chive biscuits
– green beans with almonds and bacon, tossed disaronno
– fried rice with egg, shrimp, chinese spare rib, veggies
– assorted brownies
– assorted cookies
– assorted biscotti
– regular and decafe coffee the entire meal; tea by the cup ; free
– everything else at the bar for fee – water, soda, adult beverages (beer, wine, mixed drinks, hard seltzers)