September Pin Shoot Winner – Barry Hines

Congratulations to Barry Hines, again, as the September 2018 Pin Shoot winner. Barry is the first repeat winner from the 2017 and 2018 season!

Weather permitting, October 28th will be the last shoot of the season.

Pictures here show Barry’s skill in squaring up and finishing off the pins ahead of fellow Norco competitors.  8 shooters came out for the September fun.

Objective is to clear the table of the 5 pins in front of you first and then proceed to shoot the 6th pin. First shooter to clear all 5 and then the 6th wins. Shooting the 6th pin while one of the 5 pins remains on the table results in losing the match.  Norco runs the match with double elimination.

Winner receives a Norco t-shirt.