Learn Pheasant Taxidermy at Norco after the Season – Sign-up by Oct 27th

Class will take place at Norco on 2 Sundays in December/January. We will review mutual dates for December and January by a survey.
Cost is $45.00; Taxidermist is Curt De Villers – Spinney Hills Taxidermy, a home based taxidermist who lives in Sterling. The class fee goes 100% to a mounting kit and supplies. The taxidermist is volunteering his time and Norco is hosting the work-space.

Pheasant to be mounted can be one you harvest or one a family member/friend shares with you in the season…you need to have a pheasant to do the program. Harvested pheasant is not field-dressed – it is frozen the day it is harvested – whole. Taxidermist will pickup your pheasant on a Saturday at Norco. Taxidermist will properly freeze to ensure feathers are not damaged.

Taxidermy Class requires 2 full days, 8 hours each day. Class takes patience working with a scalpel. Birds are thawed ahead of the class. Class Session 1 is removing the skin/feathers from the pheasant and treating it. Session 2 is putting the skin/feathers on a form and a mount. At the end of Session 2, the student takes the mounted bird home. Once at home, the bird will need another 6-8 weeks to be fully dried. The taxidermist can work with students 1×1 or give guidance after the Second Session Class if the bird needs any fine detail touch-up or to further enhance the mount with additional materials.
Class size is limited to 12 participants. The class is open to adults and youth hunters. If you are a youth hunter 12-14 year of age, your parent will need to accompany you for both class sessions.

What you need to do by October 27th, if interested:

Please provide name, email, phone number to wayne@norco.club ; any questions go to Wayne. Payments will be on Class Session 1. If the kit is bought for you and you drop out before the Class starts, you will still need to make payment for the kit.

Read more about last years program: https://www.norco.club/2018/01/21/pheasant-taxidermy-class-session-2-concludes-with-9-pheasants-ready-for-display/