Norco Clambake – Returns in style as a summer feast after being missed last year

The Norco Summer Clambake made a great comeback this year with the committee of volunteers led by Lisa and Rocky Trotto.

Great seafood – clams,  clam chowder, and lobster ; succulent smoked chicken.


It was the 15th anniversary for Jim Ash to cook lobsters for Norco the old fashioned way. The process began with gathering rocks and making a fire that continues throughout the day to heat the rocks, which were then layered with seaweed and covered with canvas to steam the 150 lobsters, corn and steamers. Special thanks to Bob Berube for his outstanding volunteerism to the club from the planning phase to the cooking process. Essex native Ken Symonds went to Essex and dug the steamers that morning making them the freshest steamers possible! John Powers and Deb Berube worked together on the delicious home made clam chowder. Dinner was completed by your gramma’s recipe and crowd favorite strawberry shortcake!


Special thanks to the entire committee members including Bob & Deb Berube, Jim Ash,  Kevin Kohlstrom, John Powers, Geoff Weaver, Kevin & Nicki Lazaros, Ken Symonds, Wayne & Cindy Haase, Bud Lee, Mike LaFountain, Barbara & Wayne Adams , and (several others not listed yet)

No one went home hungry! Plenty of to-go-bags with strawberry shortcake, lemons, potatoes, and corn on the cob. Norco also donated extra food from the clambake to the Veterans Administration, Grove Street,Worcester and they were very grateful.

Thank you to all who attended. We’ll see you again next year! Did someone say “Raw Bar”?


Feeling inspired to make your own summer feast, click on our resource page and scroll down to the recipe section.

Get your appetite ready for our  end of summer September pig-roast on September 23rd.