Range Cleanup and New Target Hangers

Thanks for the following Norco Range Committee Members who came out to refresh the target holders Saturday Feb 17th:  Ed, Len, Rudy, Marie, Jerry, Bob C, Bob S. , Mike J. , Mike R.,  Wayne  and Fred 

  • new cable was strung on the pistol range and new target holders were hung
  • for the 25 yard rifle range, a tree was horizontally setup serve as the top support member for the target holders
  • for the 25 yard, we are experimenting with a light duty wire mesh used in concrete pours to compare and contrast useful life over plastic poultry fencing
  • new stands and wire mesh were cut and put out for the 50 and 100 yard ranges

Committee members noticed some club users of our ranges need to step it up and follow the basic rules of the range which include:

  • take down and dispose of used targets…don’t leave for someone else to cleanup…often, they get rain soaked, fall down, and blow to the range edges
  • shooting at the poles, especially on the 25 yard range.  one club member showing off their marksmanship skill will end up in front of the exec committee to answer for their poor use of range resources…see the pic.
  • do sweep up spent casings in the bench area.  brass casings are not fun to walk on.  Norco does recycle spent brass and funds received go towards keeping dues low
  • do notify the range committee if you notice a cable shot/broken — needing repaired. Those who are handy, the range has reusable target holder supplies to restore/refresh the range

A safety awareness reminder, The Pond Shed and The Trap House Desk now have IFAK kits to manage a gun shot wound.