Norco Sportsman’s Dinner Moved to May 19th and Call for Volunteers

The Norco annual sportsman’s dinner has been moved to Saturday May 19th

The event is at risk of not being held without more volunteers to raise their hand now!

There is a call-out  volunteers — for game cooks, a master event planner, volunteers to setup and cleanup

The preliminary menu will include items as follows, with more details to following

  • venison for starter and main course – meatballs, sausage, chili, and or medallions
  • moose for main course – roast, medallions and or sausage
  • wild boar as part of a main course – sausage
  • jambalaya with medley of sausage and pheasant and shrimp
  • (non-game entrees) smoked beef and smoked domestic turkey
  • (non meat entree) vegetarian entry such as 3 cheese lasagna in a red sauce
  • garden salad with all the fixins
  • sides such as roasted potatoes, rice pilaf, and green beans with bacon and almonds
  • starters including new england style clam or seafood chowder, anti-pasta and veggie platter
  • roll and butter
  • coffee
  • open bar
  • assorted dessert