Norco Launches 3D Archery League for 2018 – Sign up Now

Peter Abramson is the Norco  Archery Chairman  

 Through his leadership, Peter has developed an Archery Plan  for Norco that is well underway.  We are now at Steps 2 and 3

Step 1 refresh and expand the club’s 3D targets, a $5K investment – done, check 

Step 2, add 5 more shooting lanes this spring, set out all 15 targets

Step 3, launch a Norco 3D League that will meet and shoot from Spring to Fall a couple of nights a week

The request now is….interested to be in the Norco 3D league? if yes, please send this info onto 

your name, phone number, email address, level of experience in 3D Archery, and which days of the week would be preferable to shoot

Have questions, get answers by either email or call/leave message for Peter at 978-503-9441

Peter is also looking for volunteers to setup and maintain the 3D and Target ranges…and this will help you earn 15 work hours to have a discounted renewal fee in 2019

Based on Norco shooter interest, visiting another club to shoot and or meet with their archery committee is all possible.

To learn more about Norco Archery Ranges, visit the Archery Range section of