Norco Fishing Survey Results

Earlier this year Norco members interested in ocean fishing  and/or update NY salmon/trout fishing took a survey.

Years ago , when the NE fishing grounds were full of fish, Norco would have a 40-50 person charted bus and chartered party boat for an outing. As fishing regulations fluctuate, as does pockets of success, Norco did not want to close out deep sea or lake fishing as a member activity. Hence, ran a survey to pulse the members interest.

Summary of Norco Member Fishing Survey

  • Not enough interest to charter a 40-50 person bus and a full party boat for MA/RI
  • Several members interested in both upstate NY and NE deep sea ocean fishing in small groups on a party boat or a small charter
  • Though a few members took the survey of the >200 members, of the ones responding, several would bring friends and family
  • There could be between 4-10 people interested based on availability and expense
  • Next step is for 2 identified volunteer Norco members willing to organize small groups to put some plans in place
  • Norco Web/email outreach will further assist with getting interested members to sign-on, based on the  Norco volunteer’s planning efforts

The full survey follows