Rifle and Pistol Range Improvements

Thanks to the volunteers for the recent work parties to improve the rifle and pistol ranges on the weekends of Oct 6th, 7th, and 14th.

Improvements included

  • better range separation berm for rifle and pistol with a pole wall and dirt
  • 50 yard and 100 yard target suspension setup with poles, cable, target hanging screening
  • 100 yard range has an open berm area in the middle for self-standing targets such as a shooting steel
  • redressing the 25 yard berm with new backstop sand
  • pin shoot table saw-horse replacement

Improvements are meant to keep the range safe, orderly, and reduce range maintenance.  However, the range committee can’t do it alone…and everyone has a role to take-on by:

  • following the signs at the range for target placement on the screens,
  • shooting in the lanes assigned to the specific berm/range,
  • carry out what you bring in/use trash cans/ sweep brass and place in white barrel.
  • any self-standing targets brought in, such as a shooting steel should be positioned mid-height to the berm….and not low that may nick the cable suspension setup.
  • use of the self-standing targets to attach targets are best for bullseye shooting given their narrow width
  • use of past election signs given their low profile should be used at the 100 yard berm.  If you are the only party using the range, wanting to use the election signs/H-frames, and shooting for distances of less than 100 yards – this should be done while standing on the range floor using the center section of the 100 yard berm.  The range floor is hard with rocks at the surface and can cause errant ricochets; that is one reason the Norco range rules are for targets to be placed by the berms and not in the open range floor.  If there are multiple parties using the rifle range, all parties need to shoot from the pavilion area

The range committee continues to try out different materials and arrangements for hanging targets to reduce the frequency of target support material replacement.

Thanks go out to:

  • The heavy construction with the poles and dirt were Bob Berube Sr., Bob Berube Jr., and Glenn Kush.
  • The range committee volunteers included Ed Soule, Len Pukaite, Tom Connors, Rudy Sax, Tom MacIntosh, Tomas Maestas, and Wayne Adams