Norco hosted WCL Delegates Meeting with a Memorable Meal

On October 19th, Norco hosted the Worcester County League of Sportsmen’s Clubs delegates meeting.  50 delegates and officers attended from 25 of the 50+ clubs WCL represents.

Norco volunteers pulled out all the stops to prepare a delicious homestyle fall meal including apple/bacon stuffed pork loin, roasted turkey & sausage stuffing, herb roasted potatoes, butternut squash, apple crisp & ice cream, and much more. A big thanks goes out to Kevin Hutchin’s who led the Norco volunteer cooking and service team of Sheena Abbott, Barbara Adams, Tom Maestas, John MacKinnon Jr., and Wayne Adams.

From the WCL secretary’s meeting minutes: “When walking up to the clubhouse, guests were greeted by the incredible smell emanating from the kitchen! This month delegates were treated to an incredible meal of roasted pork and roast turkey with all the fixings. The meal was cooked to perfection by Sheena Abbott , Kevin Hutchins, Wayne and Barbara Adams, Tom Maestas, and John MacKinnon. Five star dining at its best! Incredible food and the best of friends.”  WCL Treasurer remarked:  “One of the best meals in the past 10 years!”