Norco Officer and Board Election Results

Norco officer elections for CY2020 were held in October. Effective January 1 we welcome:

President – Duffy Lanciani, VP – Wayne Adams, Secretary – Jay Johnston, Treasurer – Mark Malkowski; Board of Directors (5) Doolie Burdulis, Paul Caneen, Adam Charest, Chris Giglio, Rocky Trotto; Board of Trustees (2 elected, join 4 serving terms) Ed Bonnell and Tom MacIntosh (serving terms Jay Fitzgerald, Dick Fontaine, Rudy Sax, Ken Stidsen), and Membership Secretary – Chris Giglio. Norco pre-announces thanks for those serving in roles in 2019 and not continuing in that role: Board of Directors: Tony Davenport, Larry Noyes, AJ Springfield; Membership – AJ Springfield and Wayne Adams.