2020 Membership Renewal – a few asks

In early January, you will be receiving your 2020 renewal letter.  Aside from paying the dues in a timely manner, do look-over your postal address, your email address, and phone – and submit those changes back to the club.  This year, if you want your membership card mailed back to you instead of picking it up at the bar or at a members meeting, you can include a self-stamped return envelope with your payment.  We’ll also setup the ability to pay by credit card too, and card processing fees will be passed onto the card owner. As of November, we have over 240 members representing Junior, Associate, Regular, and Life members. The social membership is over 60 members.  Fees are the same for 2020 as in 2019. Associate/Regular members will renew at $60 if the member has 15 or more volunteer hours; otherwise the renewal fee is $150. Life members are free and Junior members are $5.  The Family membership is $30 on-top of the associate membership fee structure. AJ Springfield and Wayne Adams will kick-off the renewals, while new membership secretary Chris Giglio settles into the role.