GOAL News to Spread for C&R Handgun Purchases

Copy and pasted from GOAL News, Friday December 18, 2020 weekly electronic newsletter: 
Some good news happening as of January 1, 2021: Massachusetts firearm retailers will be able to sell handguns that are deemed to be “Curios or Relics” to MA LTC holders that also have a Federal 03 C&R license. No longer must the handgun have been owned on a MA gun license prior to 10/28/1998. Currently, MA retailers can only sell/transfer a handgun if the handgun is on one of three rosters and exempt or compliant with the consumer protection regulations of 940 CMR 16.00.
This is another positive change that came out of chapter 284 way back in 2014. The change appears in Chapter 140 section 131E where the following language has been added, “A firearms collector, licensed pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 923(b), may purchase a rifle, shotgun or firearm that was not previously owned or registered in the commonwealth from a dealer licensed under section 122 if that rifle, shotgun or firearm is a curio or relic as defined in 27 CFR 478.11.”
The new law is not extremely clear with regard to the paperwork requirement. GOAL suggests that dealers obtain a copy of the customers C&R 03 FFL and attach this license to the EFA 10 form and or the form 4473. Please remember this is not a bound book to bound book transfer. Retail customers must possess an LTC and provide proof that they are in fact licensed by the BATFE as a collector of curio and relic’s by way of the 03 FFL.
Do keep in mind that 940 CMR 16.00 is still in play which means the handgun is exempt from these regulations if it was manufactured prior to 10/01/1998 for retail sale.
For those LTC holders that wish to obtain a Federal C&R 03 FFL, please visit the BATFE website where you can order the hardcopy application. The fee is $30 for the three-year license and you must notify your chief of police that you have applied for this license. You’re also required to keep a bound book for all C & R acquisitions. Do keep in mind that when purchasing a handgun from a Massachusetts retailer under this new law, no entry in the bound book would be required.

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