CPR/GSW Class – Recap and Pictures

Norco this past month of February hosted the one day CPR/AED/GSW Class. Nine students took the class and will receive these four certificates: CPR, Stop the Bleed, GunShotWound Trauma, and Blood Pathogens. The reduced class size was to adhere to COVID precautions.  One key take-away for anyone who has recent CPR training is the mouth-to-mouth aspect should no longer be given, not knowing if the injured person has COVID, even if you are vaccinated.  EMTs/paramedics now have special filters on their hand ventilators.  Everyone enjoyed the staged scenarios where teams of first responders secure the scene and triage the priorities to stabilize the injured person. The class is tailored for sportsmen, where we dealt with firearm wounds, impaled arrows, compound fractures, powder burns, loss of digits, and firearm self-inflicted harm. Norco has invested in equipment and IFAK around at the ranges and the clubhouse. https://www.norco.club/ranges/rifle-range-pistol-range-info/ The instructor comes in from Baltimore each year and is fantastic – Scott Goldstein.

2182 Zach and Wayne apply pressure and a chest wound seal to stop a gun shot wound 

2184 Barb triages all the wounds and injuries of car-struck  pedestrian 

4974  Scott explains the special bacterial and viral filters for preventing COVID transmission for mouth to mouth apparatus   
4982 Scott demonstrates proper dressing before applying a tourniquet high and tight
4979 Joe performs CPR while Zach readies AED chest patches