Nimrod MAG40 Class June 4th

Any questions can be directed to me, Christine Shustak,  at 508-829-5180 , or at

Massad Ayoob MAG 40 Qualification and Practical Exam. 
Saturday, June 4th.  9:00 AM. 
Nimrod League Clubhouse and Range
168 Coal Kiln Rd
Princeton, MA 01541

Anyone who has contemplated someday using a firearm for self defense, has a responsibility to insure that he or she is safe, competent, and skilled.  During the Covid epidemic, many people acquired the hardware, but neglected regular practice.   If they did practice, it was rarely exercised in an environment where results were measured, analyzed and compared against other individuals.  It was rarely practiced under stress, where each shot had to count.

We aim to change that. 

Massad Ayoob is a world renowned firearms expert, who teaches the judicious use of the firearm in self-defense.  His MAG 40 class is an introduction to the how, the why, the where and the when of using this tool to protect your life.  Along with forty hours of intensive classroom and hands on training, Mas developed a qualification test to determine if his students had mastered the shooting, safety and tactical skills that he taught.  

We are planning on running these qualifications, four times a year, for anyone who wishes to evaluate their shooting skills with handgun and rifle.  We hope that these qualification runs expose the shooter to the stress of completing a shooting task under time constraints, and the under the watchful gaze of your fellow shooters.  

Here is the actual test.


Massad Ayoob Mag 40 Qualification – Handgun.

Cold range.  Start from low ready position:

  • 4 YARDS: fire 6 rounds in 8 seconds  – non-dominant hand only (qualification from NRA Police Service Pistol Course)

  • 4 YARDS: 6 rounds, 8 seconds – dominant hand only
    (qualification from NRA Police Service Pistol Course)

  • 7 YARDS: 12 rounds in 25 seconds. 6 rounds – reload – 6 rounds. Two hands, preferred standing position – Weaver, Chapman, or isosceles.
    (FBI Practical Police Course)

  • 10 YARDS: 18 shots in 75 seconds. 6 in cover crouch – reload – 6 in high kneel – reload – 6 in low kneel. 
    (New England Police Course)

  • 15 YARDS: 18 shots in 90 seconds. 6 rounds classic Weaver – reload – 6 rounds Chapman – reload – 6 rounds isosceles.
    (Hybrid of other qualifications)

For 60 rounds, a score of 300 is perfect. Targets are standard IPSC brown cardboard.  Passing scores are 270 or above.

Shots in the middle “A” zone (6″ wide by 11″ tall) score 5 points,
Shots in the “B” and “C” zone are “1 down” or 4 points. “
Shots in the D” zone are 2 down or 3 points.
Missed or unfired shots score zero.

For rifle qualification, we’ll use John Farnam’s final exam for his Urban Rifle Class.

John Farnam’s Rifle Qualification.

50 yards.  Same target as the Ayoob qual.

Rifle held at low ready, shooter moving. 

On the beep, take two more steps.  Then put one shot in each of 5 targets, moving twice more before you finish in 21 seconds.  All shots in the A zone.

Each session will start with a continental breakfast, followed by a comprehensive safety lecture.   Immediately following will be a classroom clinic on some aspect of shooting, self-defense, training or tactics.  The afternoon will be spent on the range, going through the qualification.  The instructors and range officers will shoot first to set a performance goal for everyone else to strive for. 

If there is time and interest, we will allow participants to reshoot the qualification with times shortened to ½, and 1/3, and ¼. 

Cost will be $10, to cover targets, and breakfast.  All leftover monies will go to the club.  All instructors and range safety officers are volunteers.

Please bring the following items to the shoot.

Billed cap or other brimmed headwear
(Red caps will be limited to the instructors and range officers).
Decent eye and ear protection.  Side shields for eye ware are suggested.
The firearm you usually carry for defense
A solid holster and sturdy belt that will allow you to re-holster one handed without looking. 
Three magazines for auto pistol, or speedloaders if you plan to shoot revolver
Enough full power, ammunition to cover the qualification tests in which you’d like to participate
Lunch and water
Insect repellant
Suitable clothing.  We plan to shoot whether it’s raining, snowing, hot and humid or in distracting winds
Tools, cleaning gear, and a spare firearm (in case of breakdown)
A lawn chair (if you wish)


The first session will be Saturday, June 4th, starting at 9:00 AM sharp, in the Nimrod lodge. 

Our guest instructor for this session will be Retired Chief Russ Lary.  Russ is a retired Coast Guard Vet, and former police chief of the Grantham NH Police Department.  He’s a long time firearms instructor for the NH National Guard, the Rockingham County Sheriff’s department, a graduate of the FBI Academy at Quantico, and a primary instructor for the Massad Ayoob group.

Please note.  Although we concentrate on learning, and skill enhancement, we are even more concerned about firearm safety.

Any violations of the safety rules will result in immediately dismissal from the range for that day.  You will forfeit your range fee.  You will be allowed back on a subsequent date. 
A second violation will result in being immediately dismissed, and banned from all future events.
It is assumed that all participants will have mastered the safe handling of their firearm, as well as being comfortably familiar with loading, hitting targets downrange, unloading, and reholstering.  This is not an event for rank beginners.

Any questions can be directed to me, Christine Shustak,  at 508-829-5180 , or at

Please pre-register at the above email address so we have an idea of how much breakfast to order.