Postponed – Pinewood Derby Races – adult and kid fun- prizes

3/25 Event has been postponed, new date tba

This event will be open to all racers and divided into two classes; Youth (High School Senior or Younger) and Adult. The event will be a Fundraiser to support Princeton Pack 25, and there will be an entry fee of $10 per youth, and $20 per adult. Racers will have the option of either building a new car or racing a car they have used when they were a scout. Whether you choose to build or bring your old car, it will still need to pass an inspection and be subject to the rules we currently use. A copy of those rules is attached to this form. Payment can be made either at the February or March Pack meeting or at the time of registration.  Numbers will be assigned to cars at check in on March 25th. Car Names can also be added on March 25th if you choose to name your car. 

For additional questions or concerns please reach out to Brent Fisk at 
Event Details
Saturday, March 25th 
Norco Sportsman Club
91 Houghton Rd
Princeton MA
Registration Starts at 12 PM
Racing Starts at 1 PM
For both the Youth and Adult Class 1st 2nd and 3rd Place will be awarded to the cars that have the fastest combined time after having the opportunity to race in all three lanes of the track. 
Rules regarding cars raced previously will be waived. If you have questions on your car, please contact Brent Fisk at to discuss and determine if your car will be eligible and able to participate before 3/18/23. By clicking submit on this form you are agreeing to follow the code of conduct.
Purchasing Kits (Building A New Car)
Kits can be purchased online at:
And found locally at: 
(Please call to confirm availability)
General Sporting Goods
38 Main St
Gardner MA
Moore Hardware & Lumber
22 Ayer Rd
Shirley, MA