Norco Hosted Beaver Pelt Taxidermy Class – Seats Still Available – March 19th

Norco will host Mass Trappers for this years workshop.  This workshop was very popular the last time we ran it, pre-covid.  Follow this link for picutres: 

If interested in the class, please email . Class fee is estimated to be $65. This will cover supplies and commercial tanning of the fleshed skin, use of trapper skinning tools, and food/beverage.  Beavers are provided for each student.  Each student will have an unfinished fur pelt to be tanned and optionally a tail to be made into leather.  For those doing home tanning or using a commercial tanning kit they buy on their own, class fee will be reduced to $25.

Later in the year, when skins are back from the tannery, we’ll have a hooping workshop for those interested in making a wall display.  For those wanting to make a garment such as a hat, mitts, etc,  Glacier Fur Comapny is a good source of information about fur, how many pelts are needed to make a specific garment and a source of additional pelts/skins.  and