Norco Forest Stand Harvesting Sequence and Hunting Recommendations

Following is a map of the Norco property with forest stands identified to be logged/thinned, with best estimate when a stand will be harvested. Considerations were made for the pheasant season, safety of the loggers equipment and operators, and for hunter awareness when/where setting up wildlife cameras and deer tree-stands.   

Norco does not recommend having cameras or tree-stands setup in forest stands to be logged during certain seasons. Once a forest stand is logged, putting up cameras and tree-stands with the remaining trees is OK. 

Forest Stand Cut Sequence

  • Stand 4, early October
  • Stand 3, late October
  • Stand 7 West, mid Oct- end November
  • Stands 2,5,6 , November
  • Stand 1, Jan-Feb 2024
  • Stand 7 East, Spring 2024

For anyone new to hunting around logging operations and changes in the forest, the logging activity can stimulate wildlife to be moving in new patterns of day/night, creating new paths, and smaller animals relocating dens/nests.  

For anyone wanting to earn volunteer hours and can handle a chainsaw, Norco will be thinning forest stands 7West this fall and 7East next spring. There are requirements for the cutting methods, the forestry safety gear to have/borrow (from Norco), and working in teams of 2 or more.  A separate detailed web post will be made about this volunteer program.

If there are any questions about the forest management plans, please email 

More details about Norco’s forest management, are posted at this website: