Fall Cleanup Sunday Oct 27th – Running List of Work

  • Come at 8am for coffee and donuts ; lunch at 12 Noon (burgers and dogs and fixins); keep on working
  • Bring your power tools, handtools, gloves to tackle the following tasks. The descriptions are cryptic…this is one of the last days of the year to earn a lot of hours. …work from 8 to 5 and earn 9 hours!
Picnic benches stored, umbrellas stored Range barrels emptied Blow leafs off lawn
Snow markers placed Pheasant field roads repaired, trap house to ATT line Weedwhack side-berms rifle/pistol
Sand barrels placed Clubhouse indoor lights bugs removed from lens 1st and 2nd Weedwhack road along pond
Sand from Princeton 2nd floor walls wipe down with murphy soap Cut saplings for powerline behind fish shed
Setout rocksalt containers Rifle/pistol range screens; rake shells Kitchen cleaning
Trim back club-trap service road Spread mulch on 3D 11-15 with ATV Bar area cleaning
Cut back trap field to treeline Cut downed limbs to fireplace size around garage