Joshua Wilder Site – a note of thanks

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Good Day Board Members & Friends,
Saturday, we had a work party of 8 and 1 tractor show up, and we made quick work (2 hours) of:
  • Clearing the Joshua Wilder site on Houghton Rd, 
  • Removing the cut brush and rotten picnic table to the NORCO brush pile, 
  • Bringing back from NORCO bark mulch to spread at the entrance to inhibit weeds from returning.
Here is a link to some before and after pictures.
Those in attendance were:
  • Jaye Fitzgerald from NORCO
  • Wayne Adams from NORCO
  • Brian Foley – PHS
  • Nathaniel Gove – PHS
  • Bud Brooks – PHS
  • Terry Bass – for soliciting Scout and Parent Help
  • Jim (father) and Tommy Bushway
  • Dave (father) and Theo Espy
Now to plan out the signage for the Summer 2021 Historical Site Scavenger Hunt, as well as get some sort of fence designed and installed around the cellar hole before the hunt is kicked off.
Many Many Many Thanks to NORCO and to them all, “It Takes A Village”

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