Pond Cleanup Day April 10th – Volunteer and Tasks

Projects to be tackled 
– clean out the fish pond shed, set it up for the Derby the following weekend 
– move and store riding lawnmower elsewhere on the property
– burn pile behind the pistol range; setup hose and shed water pump to manage burn pile; needs hose from clubhouse
– rake out any windblown target range debris from the pond edges
– rake out pond edges leaves, twigs; cut down any over-growth with brush blades
– clean up parking areas around the pond
– remove club service road plow markers and store in garage
– move telephone poles from main parking lot and store on rifle range
– repair club service road with york rake and gravel, scraper blade 
– help fish committee move in any equipment and supplies for fishing derby ; e.g. food service, 
– empty fish shed barrels (and any nearby range barrels)
– ?? repair sitting bench
– clear out area behind pistol range field of saplings and roots to restore as pheasant field 
– clear back service roads by pistol range and pond to trap range for additional parking
– (optional, if rifle/pistol range committee holds work day …. repair targets, range cleanup, make 
Special tools and equipment needed
– tractor 1 (club) for road, pole movement, and fire management work
– tractor 2 (volunteer to bring in),   root grapple 
– optional, if it comes in tractor 3 (volunteer) road work
– brushsaw for pond edge and service road cutback
– chainsaw for sapling cutting
– ATV (shuttle range barrels, hand tools, etc)