Norco Family Fun Day and Raffle Wrap-up

Norco’s recently held Family Fun Day was a good weather day to come out, enjoy delicious food, share stories,  take advantage of a variety of range activities,  and cap off the day with our Gift Card Raffle and Archery Raffle drawings.   

Announcing the following lucky winners:

  • Cabela’s Gift Card $600 : Carey Hartman
  • Cabela’s Gift Card $300 : Mark Winward
  • Cabela’s Gift Card $100 : Joe Reed
  • Archery Practice Butt Winners (total of 4, 1 butt per person): Kelly Dalbec, Barry Hines, Chris Giglio, Duffy Lanciani
  • Archery Bow Case Winner : Adam Charest

Many enjoyed the summer food cooking:  including cheeseburgers, hotdogs, venison sausage, venison burgers, and moose teriyaki ; just hanging out with friends; and waiting for the raffles to be drawn. Thanks for the generous food program donations.

Norco thanks the following volunteers for these “try-it and learn something new” activities.  This new fun day concept sounded good on paper, however, uptake by the members and guests was minimal.  

  • Trap and Skeet: Rick Marrama and Pat Carney 
  • Bushcraft: Mike Rainville 
  • Youth Archery: Chris Norcross
  • Rifle and Pistol: Ed Soule, Chris Martel, Tomas Maestas, and Joe Picariello
  • and the members who provided complimentary ammo and sporting arms

Not be left out, thanks for the cooking, drawings, and cleanup volunteers:

Rocky Trotto, Rudy Sax, Ed Bonnell ,Carolyn Bonnell, and Wayne Adams

Pictures: Rocky displaying the gift cards, Mary picking the gift card winners, and Rudy picking the archery item winners