Norco Flyfishing Workshop June 2021 Recap

This new Norco Class introduced 8 students flyfishing equipment, knots, casting techniques, and fly-tying. The program was pulled together with Cody Coyne, Chris Giglio, Ryan Cashman (President of NE Fly Tyers), and Wayne Adams. The club on hand a fly-tying bench with pre-kitted flies, a rod and reel to practice with (if they did not have their own gear). Cody, an advanced fly fisherman and instructor, led a fun-filled, informative morning session including a dry fly tying project. The afternoon headed onto the lawn to practice a few casting techniques covered in the classroom. Afterwards, students pursued their interests further – tying more flies with Ryan and Cody, casting with Chris on the pond. Students have many paths to pursue now, to work 1×1 with an instructor, join the Fly Tyers in the fall, and seek out area chapters of Trout Unlimited. Norco can host another workshop, should there be enough interest. See pictures below.