Norco Garage Roof Complete – Thank You Volunteers!

The project over the week tested everyone’s stamina for heat and humidity. We had crews on the roof and on the ground to keep the work moving along. Jared Smith was able to provide the old roof removal dumpster saving project expense. Devan, Jared’s son and a Norco Junior Member, pitched in as well. Bill Whiting led the project from costing, material acquisition, to the last nail. So far, no flat tires around the garage – thanks to the diligent ground crew. Later this summer, the garage siding will get a facelift with vinyl siding and the ground squirrels will need to find a new home.

Volunteers include Bill Whiting, Jared and Devan Smith, Chris Norcross, Paul Whalen, Rocky Trotto, Mike Rainville, Barb and Wayne Adams.