Fishing Derby and Cleanup Program Recaps

Many thanks go out to Norco volunteers who made the April 16th Fishing Derby a success with the April 9th Pond Cleanup Day.    

Ava S. came with her dad Steve; Ava caught a brookie and received the prize for first fish and biggest fish caught, along with a new fishing rod and reel. All youth received their choice of a new fishing lure to add to their tackle box.  Fishing remains open to the members and their guests every day, dusk to dawn. Best of luck catching the brookies and rainbows.

Derby day volunteers included: Charlie Folckemer, Tommy MacIntosh, Cory MacIntosh, Carey Hartman, Mike Rainville, Ed Soule, Rudy Sax, Bill Whiting and Wayne Adams. In between the 9th and 16th, these volunteers helped with correcting pH levels, floater cleanup, and water testing: Kelly Dalbec, Chris Giglio, Terry Bass, Bill Whiting, Donnie Curtain, Charlie Folckemer, Jim Valley, Paul Whalen, and Wayne Adams, along with expertise from fishery specialists at Great Falls Aquaculture.  Pond cleanup and fish stocking crew included: Charlie, Tommy, Rudy, Bill, Rock Trotto, Cody Coyne, Glenn Faulkner, Barbara Adams, John Staruk, Doug Ross, Leo and Donna LaRocque, Len Pukaite, Ron Searles, Barry Hines, Paul Whalen, Micky Splaine, Bill Whiting, Donnie Curtain, and Wayne Adams.