Norco 22LR Turkey Shoot

The annual 22LR iron sight 22lr rifle shoot was held.  There were 3 age groups: 8-11, 12-15, and 15-adults.  We had a very good turnout of 20 shooters in total.  Rick Jr. won the 8-11 group; Alex won the 12-15 group; and Justin won the adult group.  Winners took home a turkey for the holidays.

Despite the complaints the guns are not sighted in, its too dark, its too cold, its not my firearm, the ammo threw a stray, the winners emerged through a few shoot-offs.  Better luck next year – until then – practice, practice, practice … and take the scope off your rifle and get back to basics.  

Thanks for the volunteers running the shoot: Rick, Ed, Tom, Ron and Rudy.  Thanks to Mike LaF. for the bucket of bullets that will last us until 2050.