Norco Volunteer Forest Stand Thinning

Norco will organize small group outings fall 2023 and spring 2024 to thin two forest stands. 

The fall plan is to meet on Sunday’s at the clubhouse at 8am to get organized, grab coffee and then head out.  And then return around 12noon. There are 20 acres in total for Stand 7W and Stand 7E; grant value for the thinning is $14K.

Next scheduled outings are: Dec 2, 3, 9, 16, 17 If there are volunteers wanting to go out mid-week, please send email to the googlegroup  norco-logging  list or to . Work team goes to the work site with the ATV/Mule for 2 people and gear, the tractor for 1 person and gear; and shuttle additional people from a pheasant field (drive from clubhouse and park). Current work is forest Stand 7 West.

Norco has available this equipment and gear for the project: 

  • 4 pairs of chaps; 2 with wrap around calfs; 2 without; 3 pairs of waist extenders for waists >44″; 4 pairs of suspenders
  • 4 hard hats with built in ear muffs and face screens
  • 4 sets of safety glasses
  • 4 sets of work gloves
  • in the garage; 1 gallon 50:1 pre-mix fuel, 1 container bar chain oil, 1 chainsaw, 1 pair of loppers; as fuel and oil are consumed, more will be purchased
  • ATV/Mule to transport 2 people and gear to the worksite (anyone can be trained in 5 minutes to operate it) (before heading out, make sure the ATV has enough fuel 
  • Tractor; configured with bucket with teeth, logging hitch on the 3 pt hitch, and 2 sets of chains (use and configuration is for only those cross-checked to operate the tractor) , (before heading out, make sure the tractor has enough fuel)

Suggested items for the volunteer group to bring/have on an outing:

  • Safety gear as required per person  (Wear the following safety equipment: Hard hats, ear protection, eye protection,
    leather gloves, and chain saw chaps; if you don’t own it, borrow it.)
  • First aid kit with tourniquet 
  • Your chain saw, 1-2 extra chains, tools to adjust your saw 
  • Optional set of everyday hand tools (screwdriver, pliers, etc )
  • Water and snack to maintain hydration and energy/focus

Volunteer Safety Requirements

The following practices and requirements are designed to meet the NRCS standards for the forest stands marked for thinning and are part of the portfolio of grants Norco will receive upon successful completion. The volunteer work will be coordinated with Norco volunteer leaders and results will be overseen by Norco’s  Forest Manager Jim DiMaio.
Volunteers Shall:
1. Wear the following safety equipment: Hard hats, ear protection, eye protection,
leather gloves, and chain saw chaps that wrap around the back of the legs.
2. Volunteers shall work at least 75 feet apart from each other to avoid falling trees on
each other and to avoid chain saw accidents.
3. Volunteers will work safely and comply with all NORCO volunteer standards and
procedures regarding injuries.
4. The leave-behind trees are painted in blue and shall be protected from cutting and damage.  Boundaries for the stands are marked in blue and are obvious to the transition to mature forest stands.
5. All other trees within the forest stand shall be cut.  The result of the thinning is select trees will receive more space, sun, and rain to take-off and become valued forestry for future harvests. The fallen trees are to be left on the ground to decompose and add nutrients back to the soil. Fallen trees should be completely on the ground and not hung-up in the remaining canopy or vine-growth. 
6. Cut the trees (and saplings) at the base of the tree within 4-6 inches from the ground. The stem
must be completely severed and flush cut (horizontal). Do not cut the tree/sapling on an angle, which would leave behind a stake that can punction boots, tires, and animals.
7. Maintain a drivable ATV/tractor trail of approximately 10 feet down the center of each forest stand unit.
8. Be aware of wasp, ticks, heat exhaustion, and general fatigue. Consider limiting group outings to be no more than 4 hours at a time . Do work in groups of 2 or more for safety.