Recipe for Pistol Range Pavilion Success

Start off with all the raw ingredients of the Norco pistol range – an uncovered, unlevel range, used frequently by members and many classes.  With the objective to do a multi-phase improvement, 2023 objective was to get put up shooters bench weather  cover and level out the range.  Through a series of photos below, the steps along the way include:

Design the range improvements and pull permits, allocate funds; find out what can be sourced for volunteers and the balance with professional trades.

  • Norco rifle & pistol co-chairs championed the project and secured funding
  • Norco member Ron Searles did the architectural work and sub-ed work for the pros. Ron pulled the permits
  • Norco club project reviewed by town Conservation Commission and OKed
  • Norco member Chris Conway worked with the local light department to obtain pole donations. Recycling poles with a long life expectancy, saved the club project dollars
  • Norco member Chris Giglio enlisted a friend Ralph Griggs (who is now a member) to bring in pole setting equipment. The range committee organized a work party to set the poles.  Norco range committee trimmed the poles to height to ready the next phases of construction for professional trades. Yes, the team hit ledge in one hole; yes, many sizeable boulders were excavated out of the other holes; no , there were no hidden treasures uncovered or antique firearms. Volunteers for the day included Bill Whiting, Jared Smith, Len Pukaite, Ralph’s 2 sons, and Wayne Adams
  • Roof added
  • Shingles added
  • Main roof-line concrete pad poured
  • Additional handicap parking space concrete pad poured
  • Range area around the pavilion leveled out 
  • LTC and DH classes test drove the improvement and all gave a thumbs up.   

Phase II to be evaluated and costed, the need for lengthening and widening the range beyond today’s 15 yard depth and 8 person wide setup.