Norco 2024 Raffle – Order Form, Raffle Items Details, and Other Raffle Details

Norco Order Form – download, fill out, and mail in

Additional details for the items listed in the raffle

CZ Redhead O/U Shotgun, 12/16/20 g, 28″ barrel, gift card value $1000 *
Henry Classic .22LR Lever, gift card value $450 *
S&W .380 Shield EZ, gift card value $450 *
CVA Optima V2 .50 cal w/scope, gift card value $450 *
Gift Card $300, card of choice, e.g. Visa, Amazon, Cabela’s, etc
Gift Card $200, card of choice, e.g. Visa, Amazon, Cabela’s, etc
Gift Card $100, card of choice, e.g. Visa, Amazon, Cabela’s, etc
Ammo Bundle worth $50, no gift card, choice of popular calibers mix-n-match, .22lr, 9mm, 12G, 20G **
Compound Bow, no gift card, ***

  • * a gift card will be awarded to winner for the winner selecting the firearm item. The winner can go use the gift card as they wish, with no obligation to purchase the firearm from any FFL.  The firearm model and configuration with the gift card value was determined December 2023 based on industry average list prices, such as those advertised at Cabela’s . The gift card amount did not factor in additional fees such as sales tax, FFL transfer fees, and S/H fees, nor changes in available inventory models, manufacturer price changes, and special FFL/manufacturers sales or rebates. 
  • ** the ammo bundle will be determined on lowest cost per round per caliber and rounded up to the typical retail box size. e.g. shotgun will be box of 25, 22lr will be box of 50, centerfire pistol will be box of 50. As of December 2023, shotgun shell is $0.50, .22lr is $0.06, and centerfire is $0.24.  Winner must have valid FID/LTC MA License. 
  • *** the compound bow summary details are as follows.  Parker SideKick Extreme RH.  Condition of bow and accessories is used in excellent condition. Bow ideal for youth and women shooters 40-60lb draw.  More technical details are found further down, scroll down
  • All prizes need to be claimed no later than 45 days after the winner is contacted. Otherwise, the item is forfeited and contributed back to the club for future raffle programs. 
  • Drawing date will be part of the annual Norco June Steakout dinner event, Saturday June 15th . Drawing will be at 6PM at the Norco clubhouse.
  • Each raffle ticket is eligible to be drawn for only one raffle prize. Once the ticket is drawn, the ticket is not returned to the barrel of tickets for the next item to be drawn. This means for any raffle participant to win two or more items, more than one raffle ticket needs to be purchased.
  • Once all nine winners are drawn, each winner will be contacted in the order they were drawn. Whereas the first drawn winner will have choice of 9 items; the second drawn winner will have choice of the remaining 8 items, etc.
  • All local, state, and federal gaming and firearm laws will be followed.
  • Winner does not need to be present at time of drawing. 

Parker Sidekick Compound Box Technical Information

    • IBO Speed Rating: N/A (Does not meet IBO requirements)
    • Axle-to-axle length: 31″
    • Mass Weight: 3.25 lbs
    • Let Off: 80%
    • Brace Height: 7.60″
    • Draw Length Range: 18″ to 28″
    • Draw Length Modules Included: N/A (0.5″ posts)
    • Cam Type: Dual Cam
    • Riser Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Next G1 Camo
    • String Material: Tri-Color
    • Features

      20 lbs. of draw weight adjustment (40-60 lbs.)
      10″ of draw length adjustment

    Bundle Contents
    • 3-Pin Fiber Optic Sight
    • Parker 4-Arrow
    • Hostage Arrow Rest
    • Peep Sight and Tubing
    • Brass Nock-point